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Why your company should be part of it

The industry is looking for innovations and solutions that will enable PET packaging to maintain its leading role in the packaging mix. The online comPETence center provides your organisation with a dynamic, cost-effective way to promote your products and services, and is a valuable addition to your classic marketing activities. The PET value chain categories feature detailed company profiles which allow you to present your organisation in a very prominent manner to the worldwide PET packaging industry.

The online comPETence center presents companies registered as comPETence partners on individually designed pages. Each comprehensive company profile contains a logo, contacts, photos, videos and product descriptions as well as a brochure download area and an individual news channel. 

Benefits from this unique strategic marketing opportunity

comPETence center - a dynamic and active way of marketing provides a valuable addition to your classic marketing activities.

  • comPETence partners are permanently listed at the top of the relevant categories in the international buyer’s guide
  • comPETence partners are permanently presented on the PETnology website
  • comPETence partners are permanently presented on all market news sites
  • comPETence partners are listed in the source of supply each comPETence magazines 

comPETence insiders reinforce their position in the PET value chain

  • Secure your position as a market leader and
  • Reach the industry decision makers