Management, PET processing
26.07.2016 | Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH | Bad Oeynhausen | Germany

Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU) gives sheet PET lines increased flexibility and food contact certification

In the worldwide growth industry of PET packaging sheet, Gneuss has installed over 20 tailor-made sheet lines over the last few years. Gneuss' customers find the extreme flexibility of the Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU), consisting of MRS extruder, Rotary Filtration System, Online Viscometer and Control System completely convincing when processing...

Facts & Figures
24.07.2016 | Krones AG | Neutraubling | Germany

Krones increased revenue and earnings in the first half of 2016

Krones grew as forecast in the first half of 2016 despite mounting economic uncertainties. In the period from January to June 2016, revenue grew 3.8% to €1,560.3 million. The company’s growth in the Middle East/Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and North and Central America regions was stronger than overall growth. After a weak start to the year,...

20.07.2016 | Milacron | Cincinnati, Ohio | USA

Milacron’s breakthrough technologies coming to a shelf near you with first commercial klear can release and solutions for recyclable single use coffee pods demands

Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, has just reached another significant milestone with its breakthrough Klear Can®™ technology. Milacron confirmed the sale of the first Milacron Klear Can production system. After extremely successful qualitative testing with...

Management, PET processing
26.07.2016 | Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH | Bad Oeynhausen | Germany

Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU) gives sheet PET lines increased flexibility and food contact certification

In the worldwide growth industry of PET packaging sheet, Gneuss has installed over 20 tailor-made sheet lines over the last few years. Gneuss' customers find the extreme flexibility of the Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU), consisting of MRS extruder, Rotary Filtration System, Online Viscometer and Control System completely convincing when processing...

PET processing
01.06.2016 | Motan Colortronic (UK) Ltd / Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH | Chesterfield | UK

PET fines from recycled bottles: a valuable raw material

Today’s modern PET recycling facilities create high quality flake from post-consumer bottles. The process starts with automated sorting equipment which is used to remove unwanted products from the incoming material stream. After the bottles have been pre-sorted and the labels have been removed, they are visually inspected and sorted by polymer type...

PET materials
27.05.2016 | Faerch Plast | Sutton Surrey | UK

Faerch plast granted European patent for MAPET® II mono material for packaging for fresh meat, poultry & fish

Faerch Plast’s MAPET® II, which won a WorldStar award in 2015, is innovative mono packaging produced from a single material and specially developed for state-of-the-art top sealing of fresh meat, poultry and fish, allowing consumers to transport packs home without the risk of leakage and potential contamination from juices, as well as ensure the...

Preform moulds
21.06.2016 | Milacron | Cincinnati | USA

Milacron's Mold-Masters premium summit-series hot runner seeing major adoption for high end molding applications beyond the medical market

Milacron Holdings Corp. is experiencing rapid adoption of the Mold-Masters Summit-Series premium hot runner across multiple market segments. Originally designed to be a medical molding powerhouse, the Summit-Series is proving very versatile with customers utilizing the stainless steel hot runner to mold premium packaging, personal care goods,...

Recycling processes, Preform moulding, Management
01.06.2016 | EREMA | Ansfelden/Linz | Austria

Collaboration EREMA & SIPA: PET recycling, inline applications & bottle-to-bottle

Global premiere of XTREME RENEW at the EREMA Discovery Day 2016: Direct processing of PET flakes for food contact compliant inline preforms in just one processing step

PET injection machines
26.10.2015 | Milacron | Cincinnati, OH | USA

Milacron’s innovative Klear Can™ continues to push toward production as it passes critical food safety tests

Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN) announced its Klear Can technology has undergone and passed an important food safety test and is undergoing additional testing with a number of select prospects. The Milacron Klear Can is an ideal alternative to metal cans for fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, and other products. The Klear Can uses the same...


Bottle developments
07.07.2016 | RPC Promens Innocan | Antwerpen | Belgium

New pack for edible oil

RPC Promens Innocan has launched a range of PET containers that are ideal for the edible oil sector, offering a variety of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.

The excellent clarity of PET and the wide labelling area of the pack enable manufacturers to maximise brand image and on-shelf appeal, while the material's inherent barrier...

Bottle developments
30.06.2016 | M&H Plastics | Beccles, Suffolk | UK

SHS Drinks’ brand, bottlegreen, extends into plastic

M&H Plastics has recently completed production of a new 50ml bottle for SHS Drinks’ brand, bottlegreen. Initially produced to allow added value as an inclusion of a 50ml cordial serve in a twin pack of 750ml glass sparkling pressés for Waitrose meal deals, the use of these new plastic bottles has opened up a range of benefits to the company.

Bottle developments
27.06.2016 | DEMO Design and Moulds | San Vendemiano | Italy

The 750 Sport Cap for Vinadio’s Sant'Anna

A 750 ml, decidedly captivating bottle complete with sports cap, that conveys the Piedmontese group’s message: a unique and practical container in a larger format, but extremely convenient nonetheless to accompany athletes during training.

Filling & Aseptic
15.07.2016 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Sidel delivers mixing and filling accuracy for bottling carbonated soft drinks

Sidel is highlighting the importance of filling accuracy, along with production flexibility and sustainability, in capitalising on the dynamic carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market. All are important factors in helping beverage manufacturers to convert market opportunity into profitable, long-term success.

Hotfill, Markets
10.05.2016 | KHS | Dortmund | Germany

Coca-Cola uses customized hot fill system from KHS

Around the globe consumers are finding that juices and sports drinks are a healthy alternative to what are often rather sugary soft drinks. Bottlers who want to muscle in on this growth market have to satisfy the special technical demands made of the process and filling technology for such products. For its juice and sports beverages Coca-Cola...

Filling & Aseptic, Markets, Blow moulding machines
19.04.2016 | KHS | Dortmund | Germany

Energy costs practically halved: KHS converts stretch blow molder for Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH

Overheads for materials and the price of energy are among the biggest cost drivers in production. Mineral water bottlers Teinach GmbH have thus charged the KHS Group with the modernization of their PET bottle filling line.

Caps & Closures
23.06.2016 | BERICAP | Budenheim | Germany

BERICAP: Further success for edible oil and vinegar closures

Important German vinegar producers have taken a leading role in developing and implementing the next generation of edible oil and vinegar caps together with BERICAP over a period of years. One of the latest developments is a two piece closure attracting consumers with its shiny surface. The so-called CTC IP suits the PET neck 29/21, shows a modern...

Caps & Closures
14.06.2016 | BERICAP | Budenheim | Germany

BERICAP’s light weight closure

The last few years have seen a significant drive for reductions in the cost of packaging for all beverages alongside with an improvement in the carbon footprint of the package. But consumer convenience became more important, too.

Caps & Closures, Markets
19.05.2016 | BERICAP | Budenheim | Germany

BERICAP closure for electronic cigarette refills

The newest BERICAP closure is called e-smoCap™ and it is the result of a 6months market research with e-liquid players in France. Due to a significant investment in e-smoCap™ closure capacity, the new closure is now able to take a market share of the 700mio closures imported from China every year.

Labelling technology
11.05.2016 | KHS/NMP Systems | Dortmund/Düsseldorf | Germany

KHS continues Direct Print push to market

At its headquarters and largest engineering and manufacturing center in Dortmund, the KHS Group has provided approximately one thousand square meters of new space for the ever-expanding Direct Print innovation team.

Markets, Labels
08.04.2016 | P.E. Labellers | Porto Mantovano (MN) | Italy

P.E. Labellers-Farchioni olii: a 100% Italian partnership

Farchioni olii S.p.A., one of Italy's main producers of typical foods from Umbria – oil, wine and flour – chose an independent partner that was easy to interact with to provide self-adhesive or cold-glue labels for glass and PET formats in the olive oil sector.

Labelling technology
22.03.2016 | KHS | Dortmund | Germany

MARTENS Brewery leverages Direct Print Powered by KHS™ again

After the successful premiere of Direct Print Powered by KHS™ at MARTENS Brewery with their Dagschotel ‘talking bottles’ launch, MARTENS Brewery based in Bocholt, Belgium, is again leveraging their Direct Print industrial scale digital printing technology from KHS, this time to renovate the look and feel of their own brand, MARTENS Pils, by...

Packaging machinery
10.03.2016 | NMP Systems GmbH | Duesseldorf | Germany

Nature MultiPack™ world premier set for Evian ‘prestige’ PET bottles

With Nature MultiPack™ NMP Systems GmbH is bringing a disruptive packaging innovation ‘Powered by KHS’ to market. An intensive collaboration with Danone Waters led to the premier market introduction on brand Evian starting in France and Belgium this month.

Packaging machinery
19.03.2015 | SMI S.p.A. | S.Giovanni Bianco, BG | Italy

The new SK ERGON: when technology meets the ergonomic design

From processing to packing and packaging technologies, from ingredients to food safety and quality management up to logistics and handling: Anuga FoodTec trade show is much more than this. For SMI that is the opportunity to present the new ERGON series of primary and secondary packaging machines.

Packaging machinery
27.02.2015 | SMI S.p.A. | S.Giovanni Bianco, BG | Italy

Packbloc Neo: integrated solutions for an efficient end of line system

SMI offers compact cutting-edge solutions like the APS P series of automatic palletizing systems, integrating in the central column both the layer-loading head (basket) and a SCARA articulated arm which takes care of the operations of empty pallet feeding and interlayer pad insertion, thus forming a "3 in 1" compact unit.

Management, Recycling machines
04.07.2016 | EREMA | Ansfelden/Linz | Austria

CAREFORMANCE: EREMA launches Recycling 4.0 at K 2016

EREMA gave some 100 international journalists a deep insight into their trade fair plans for K 2016 at the official "K Preview" press conference on 29 June in Düsseldorf. With CAREFORMANCE the global market leader is all set to herald the age of Recycling 4.0 as the first in the plastics recycling industry to present an extensive Smart Factory...

Recycling machines
27.06.2016 | Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. | Vienna | Austria

recoSTAR dynamic 215: New machine size scores big on manpower savings, energy efficiency

Starlinger recycling technology unveiled its new plastics recycling line recoSTAR dynamic 215 for a select group of prospective customers on June 7, 2016 at the Starlinger factory in Weissenbach an der Triesting, Austria.

‟With this line we have again increased our capacity range for polyolefin recycling,” states Paul Niedl, head of sales for...

Management, Recycling processes
17.06.2016 | Reimotec | Lampertheim | Germany

Reimotec is expanding its range of PET strapping tape lines by including the VACUREMA system

In order to meet the demands for processing raw materials even with critical iV values, Reimotec has now linked up with EREMA, the Austrian specialist for recycling of plastic materials, thus gaining an invaluable supplier offering another uniquely positioned technology. EREMA offers the VACUREMA system, consisting of modular, scalable components...

Auxiliary devices
30.05.2016 | Piovan | S. Maria di Sala (Venezia) | Italy

Flexcool, utmost flexibility of application and efficiency of operation from Aquatech

Aquatech, one of the recently established companies of the Piovan Group, with core competences in industrial cooling systems, makes its debut on the market with an engineering solution that supersedes the principles of centralized systems, to ensure greater energy efficiency and savings of between 35 and 50%.

Quality & Diagnostic
14.08.2015 | Sacmi | Imola | Italy

Watermarks, shrinkage and surface defects: the “invisible” faults on PET preforms

The advantages of “grid inspection”, the innovative patented SACMI solution that can be installed on the entire range of preform inspection systems, both on line and in test labs A formula plus patented technology to identify, via a simple algorithm, preform defects that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye, detecting them easily,...

Quality & Diagnostic, PET injection machines
08.06.2015 | Sacmi Imola | Imola (BO) | Italy

Inspection systems for preforms, cutting-edge Sacmi technology for the PET world

With the PVS family, Sacmi offers a range of preform quality control solutions that join the CHS systems for caps and the Cube Eye for a 3-D ‘CAT scan’ of the entire cap-bottle system.