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Sidel International AG

A Better Match

Our purpose is to help brands protect the product inside, preserve the planet outside and touch the lives of millions of people every day. We do so by offering complete and modular PET packaging solutions, including people, services and equipment. Sidel – A Better Match for our world, our customers and ourselves. Sidel has over 160 years of industrial experience. With 30,000 machines installed in more than 190 nations, we have been helping producers fill beverage bottles for over 80 years, blow them for more than 50 and label them for more than 35. We have 40 years of aseptic packaging expertise, and were one of the first companies to introduce PET bottles to the beverage industry over 30 years ago. Part of the Tetra Laval group and headquartered in Switzerland, Sidel has over 50 office locations, 13 production sites and 7 training centres worldwide. Each of our more than 3,400 employees, spread over five continents, is committed to creating the optimum liquidpackaging solution.

We call it A Better Match.

Sidel MatrixTM – the latest modular generation of PET packaging solutions

Sidel Matrix is a broad, proven and upgradeable system that is simply the company's most powerful solution yet in terms of performance, flexibility, cost savings and sustainability.  It ensures product safety and quality with a very high standard of hygiene. It features optimally proportioned equipment configured to provide increased production capacity for various beverages - to meet the growing demand in world consumption.

Four proven possibilities can do more for your business than ever before

Our 150-year history and 30 years of working with PET have shaped the foundations of Sidel Matrix. With this system, we aim to overcome many of the shortcomings in the industry by optimising liquid packaging production in the following four areas:

These proven possibilities come together to help you keep pace with a constantly changing market, improve everyday operations and lower your total cost of ownership. This is what the PET Revolution is all about.

Read more about the proven possibilities here >>

Sidel Matrix Equipment – The line of the future

With Sidel Matrix, we've optimised the line as a whole and all its individual parts. We've listened to the market and developed a solution that better meets consumer needs and market challenges.

This is about more than just introducing a new product range. This is about completely changing the game. Your game. The Sidel Matrix system includes blowers, fillers, labellers and the Sidel Matrix Combi, an integrated blow-fill-cap solution.

Click here to get to know more about the Sidel Matrix Equipment >>

Watch the video about Sidel Matrix here:

PET water bottling solutions from Sidel

The water market is constantly challenged by high price competition and growing consumer demands for safety, convenience and value for money. And as the package itself accounts for most of your production costs, you are challenged to reduce spending while improving the flexibility and reliability of your line.

So, the proven possibilities of Sidel Matrix™ come together to provide a better match for your needs and help you maximise your earning potential. We combine the benefits of line flexibility, production efficiency, product integrity and reduced consumption to lower your total cost of ownership and optimise your operational performance today and for the years to come.

Click here to discover all the proven possibilities for water >>

CSD bottling solutions in PET from Sidel

The carbonated soft drinks market is changing and PET is coming out on top as the popular packaging format choice. 

With increasing population growth and emerging markets, demand among carbonated soft drinks consumers is high.  More and more, these consumers are requesting greater beverage sophistication and variety, as well as healthier drink attributes with less sugar and fewer preservatives. In addition to value for money and a brand they can trust, they appreciate functional drink benefits such as energy drinks. They look for bottle formats that fit their image and lifestyle with shapes and designs that strike their attention.  PET is the answer to what they need and Sidel is the partner to provide this.

The proven possibilities of Sidel Matrix™ come together to provide a better match for carbonated soft drink providers’ needs and help maximise earning potential. We combine the benefits of line flexibility, production efficiency, product integrity and reduced consumption to lower the total cost of ownership and optimise operational performance today and for the years to come.

Click here to discover all the proven possibilities for CSD >>

Flexible packaging solutions for all products, shapes and sizes

New market trends and consumers’ expectations require constant adaptations of bottle designs and shapes. Based on its strong expertise in plastic packaging solutions, Sidel offers a variety of bottle designs. Sidel has several packaging solutions that help its customers achieve variety in designs while fulfilling all additional market demands: marketability, top quality and safety standards, and high importance to sustainable production processes at low cost and high profitability.

Sidel RightWeight™ for water is one of those packaging solutions. A new innovative PET 0.5 litre bottle for still water offers a superior consumer experience and a top-load performance of 33 kilograms, without the need for nitrogen dosing, using standard 26/22 closures.
The bottle weighs 34% less than the average commercial bottle  and achieves 32% more top-load performance than the lightest commercial bottle, resulting in cost savings of up to EUR 1.75 million  per year, according to Sidel data*.
Read more about RightWeight

Juices, teas and sport drinks – Quality and safety you can rely on


Already one of the fastest growing beverage markets, the JNSDIT segment is expected to grow by a further 6% by 2016, with an increase of 75 billion packaging units. There are several trends driving this demand including healthier lifestyles, increased income and urbanisation and improved retail infrastructure
With its exciting variety of flavours, this segment has a truly vast potential.  Sidel has the solutions along with the market and design know-how to ensure you can handle beverages correctly with the optimal tailored PET packaging - PET is already the material of choice for 40% of these beverage types and growing in popularity.
We deliver A Better Match by equipping your production with our five Proven Possibilities: Food safety, Product integrity, Line flexibility, Production efficiency and Consumption reduction.

Five Proven Possibilities to maximise your beverage, product and brand appeal

  • Food safety:  Discover how our hygienic food safety solutions protect both your beverage and end consumers.
  • Product integrity:  Sidel's PET solutions and know-how will ensure your drink passes through the supply chain intact.
  • Line flexibility:  Fulfilling modern demands requires a new level of production line flexibility. See how Sidel makes that possible.
  • Production efficiency:  Our production line ranges help you maximise output and uptime while keeping costs and environmental impact down.
  • Consumption reduction:  You really can produce more using fewer resources. Discover how.

See all our beverage and packaging capabilities along with our full offering of blowing, filling, labelling and complete line solutions. Solutions for juices, teas and sport drinks

Would you like to know more about our offering and capabilities for juices, teas and sport drinks? Book a meeting   

Expand your dairy business with higher quality and safety


Liquid dairy products have always been a nutritious part of daily life and now, with the growing emphasis on a healthier lifestyle, their consumption is becoming more popular than ever.

Already accounting for one fifth of worldwide beverage sales, milk-based and other liquid dairy products are expected to grow a further 5% by 2016. Healthier lifestyle trends are driving this growth, while rising incomes and urbanisation in the developing world are seeing these trends spread to vast new markets. Consumers are also demanding a greater variety of flavours with an emphasis on convenience, value for money and more on-the-go consumption options.

Sidel has the PET liquid dairy packaging solutions along with the design know-how to ensure your beverages are handled safely and maintain the desired quality level.

We deliver A Better Match for producing dairy beverages and liquid dairy packaging by equipping your production with our five Proven Possibilities: Food safety, Product integrity, Line flexibility, Production efficiency and Consumption reduction.

Five billion litres of beer in PET need expert packaging every year


In 2013 more than 5 billion litres of beer was packaged in PET. The switch to PET was seen a few decades ago with carbonated soft drinks and water, and more recently with liquid dairy products, juices, sauces and edible oils due to the clear benefits of this fantastic plastic: It is safe, light, near unbreakable and 100% easily recyclable. Its design flexibility also offers great brand opportunities.

For brewers there is one other advantage more of packaging beer in PET: The line can be used to package not only beer, but also soft drinks which for many already represents a significant part of the their business.

For every 10 PET bottles worldwide, 6 are produced by Sidel equipment. As the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, Sidel can support when you and your consumers are ready for beer in a PET bottle.

We can provide complete line solutions that comprise the very latest PET packaging technology, solutions that incorporate all the knowledge we have learned from our over 160 years of manufacturing, 80 years of filling, 50 years of blowing, 40 years of beer packaging, and 30 years of PET packaging history.

You can also take advantage of our full packaging expertise, including

all to ensure your bottle protects your beer's quality across the entire supply chain.

Looks like glass, but it's PET!

In 2014 Sidel launched the world's first-ever pasteurisable lightweight PET bottle for beer with a non-petaloid base. See the unique bottle design.

Inline Magazine – The award winning magazine

'Inline' shares knowledge on particular topics and industry trends; it highlights key customer projects completed by Sidel and showcases Sidel's latest innovations.

The award winning magazine is now available with an interactive digital version accessible from the app store for all readers who want to view it on an iPad.

Back copies of all issues of Sidel Inline are available through the App in English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, with this issue 5 also additionally offered in Russian for the first time ever.

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